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Our Story

Why we love what we do


As women, we are AMAZING, we do so much all day every day.  But let's not kid ourselves...regardless of how much we do, or who we are, we all have good days and bad days. And honey, there's just nothing worse than a bad HAIR DAY.  But a GOOD hair day can turn anything around.  When we look good, we feel good; and as a a female go-getter, I wanted to empower women to look good/feel good every single day.  


At Hollywood Hair Envy, we give you the look and hair piece products that can make your "style perfect" days effortless and easy.  Add gorgeous long length with my expert hair extensions installation services that customize a look just for you wit sew-in or micro bead flat lay hair extensions, Itip or individual, or tape-in hair extensions, or change up your look in an instant with our one step magic hair halo, one of our great wigs, or add some additional pieces with our clip-ins. You'll be INSTANTLY transformed into the Goddess that you already are on the inside!  The world will see it, you'll feel it, and there's nothing that can then bring you down! 

As a business woman, mother, sister, friend, I know there are so many ways we can contribute to the lives of women in our sisterhood, and with Hollywood Hair Envy, I choose to empower other women by helping them feel and look beautiful.. and all at an affordable price! 

I invite you to go ahead and try a different look, a differnt length, a different style, because while it's Only hair, it really is ALL ABOUT THE HAIR.. and it's ALL ABOUT YOU!



The Hair Extensions Diva

Hollywood Hair Envy Inc.

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