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Want Long, Luxurious, Beautiful Raven Hair??.....Buy It!

Hollywood Hair Envy - Halos



Welcome to the Hollywood Hair Envy Halo Hair Extensions Boutique.  Our Halo hair extensions are easy to wear, affordable, and the most comfortable and natural looking method in hair extensions today.


The halo extension piece is worn as a halo, resting on your head via a clear thing latex wire and the top layer of your own hair is pulled over it making it virtually invisible to the knowing eye.


Our halo extensions are made with Top Quality 100% Remy Human Hair that is super soft and silky to the touch, all one direction virgin cuticle, and the best in human hair extension affordability. We also offer the latest technology in synthetic fiber hair called Futura Synthetic Hair which is almost identicle to human hair and can be heat styled up to 400 degrees, but cannot be dyed as it's not human hair, but the next best thing (no one will ever know). Futura synthetic hair is the #1 option for very affordable yet exquisite hair extensions with the same quality and feel of human hair.  


Get these looks with our Magic Halo Hair!

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