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Hair Extension Services


Get Glam, Luxurious, Long hair with premium quality human hair extensions and the latest installation methods at Southern California's top Luxury Hair Extensions Studio!  With over 20 years of specialized hair extensions experience by our hair extensions specialist, HAIR EXTENSIONS IS ALL WE DO!!  Offering traditional in-studio and on-location mobile hair extensions service, Our unique approach to client convenience makes it easy for busy moms, professionals, and all women to experience luxury service and hair extensions.  

Hair Extensions - Installation & Process


Hollywood Hair Envy's master stylist will work with you to determine the best installation metod for you based on your natrual hair length, your desired look, and lifestyle.  We conduct a complimentary hair consultation remotely via Skype, Facebook Live, Google+, or any other picture or video chat platform in order to assess your perfect matching hair color, style, and texture.  If you wish to schedule a 30 minute in person consultation at our hair extensions studio, we require a $45 consultation fee that gets applied to the cost of your hair extensions service when you move forward to booking your appointment.


We offer the following methods of hair extensions: individual I-tip, micro link, and tube extensions, sewn-in weft, micro-link weft extensions, tape-in, and one-step custom clip-in and halo hair extensions.


Hair Extensions Installation Pricing


Starting price ranges for installation fees only - Does Not Include cost of hair extensions.


  • Individuals/I-tip $4.00-$6.00 per strand (i.e. 100 strands = $400-$600)

  • Microlink Beaded weft (no braid) $75 per track w/ 2 track minimum 

  • Microlink sew-in weft (no braid) $100 per track w/2 track minimum

  • Tape-in/Skin weft $5 per tape 25 tape minimum  (average = $125-$500)

  • Custom Clip-in extensions (includes premium human hair on clip) $250-$550

  • Custom Invisible Halo Hair Extension (includes premium hair) $275-$625


Premium Human Hair Purchase Costs


Our traditional hair extensions service includes installation only, as most clients come to us already having their own hair extensions. However, we also offer sourcing and assistance with selection of the best human hair extension brands that are right for you.  We will either share with you our preferred hair extensions suppliers so that you can purchase from them on your own, or for an additional fee, we will source and purchase the hair for you directly.  Premium top quality human hair prices vary, but typically range from $200.00-$650.00 USD.



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